17 Apr, 24

From Showroom to Streets: TVS Apache RR 310 On-Road Price Journey In Bangalore

The TVS Apache RR 310 has been a standout performer in the Indian sports bike segment, blending power, performance, and style seamlessly. For Bangalore’s motorcycle enthusiasts, navigating through the journey from showroom allure to the real-world streets involves understanding the on-road price dynamics. Let’s delve into the on-road price journey of the TVS Apache RR 310 in Bangalore, exploring its evolution from showroom fascination to concrete roads.

Showroom Fascination:

Stepping into the showroom at Bharath TVS, the excitement surrounding the TVS Apache RR 310 is palpable. Its aerodynamic design, powerful engine, and advanced features captivate enthusiasts. Amidst the gleaming displays and enthusiastic sales personnel, the initial price tag sparks anticipation and desire.

Price Breakdown:

The TVS Apache RR 310’s on-road price in Bangalore comprises various components, including ex-showroom price, road tax, insurance, registration fees, and handling charges. Understanding each element empowers buyers to make informed decisions.


  • Ex-showroom Price:This forms the base cost of the bike and varies slightly across dealerships. Bharath TVS offers competitive pricing, ensuring value for money.
  • Road Tax: Karnataka levies road tax based on the bike’s engine capacity and age. The TVS Apache RR 310 falls under the higher tax bracket due to its powerful 312cc engine.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive insurance coverage is essential for safeguarding the bike against unforeseen events. Bharath TVS provides comprehensive insurance options tailored to customer needs.
  • Registration Fees: Registering the bike with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) incurs nominal fees, which vary based on the vehicle’s price and age.
  • Handling Charges: These fees cover the administrative and logistical expenses associated with vehicle procurement and delivery.


Financial Considerations:

While the TVS Apache RR 310 offers unparalleled performance, prospective buyers must factor in financial considerations beyond the initial purchase. Monthly EMI options, warranty coverage, and maintenance expenses play pivotal roles in the overall ownership experience. Bharath TVS offers flexible financing solutions and service packages, ensuring affordability and peace of mind for customers.



Transitioning from showroom fantasies to real-world roads, the TVS Apache RR 310 delivers an exhilarating riding experience. Its sporty ergonomics, responsive throttle, and agile handling make every journey a thrilling adventure. Navigating Bangalore’s bustling streets becomes a breeze with the bike’s superior performance and manoeuvrability.


Ongoing Support:

Beyond the showroom floor, Bharath TVS remains a steadfast partner in the rider’s journey. Regular service intervals, genuine spare parts availability, and expert technical assistance ensure that  Apache RR 310 maintains peak performance throughout its lifespan. With a dedicated service network and customer-centric approach, Bharath TVS fosters enduring relationships with riders, transcending mere transactions.


The TVS Apache RR 310’s on-road price journey in Bangalore epitomizes the transition from showroom allure to real-world excitement. Bharath TVS serves as a trusted companion throughout this journey, offering competitive pricing, financial solutions, and unparalleled support. As enthusiasts hit the streets astride the TVS Apache RR 310, they embark on a thrilling adventure fueled by passion, performance, and unwavering reliability.

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27 Mar, 24

Exploring the Heritage: Classic TVS Models That Still Turn Heads

In the bustling streets of Jayanagar, Bangalore, where the heartbeat of automotive enthusiasts resonates, TVS bikes stand tall as iconic symbols of quality, performance, and heritage. Stepping into the Bharath TVS showroom in Jayanagar is akin to embarking on a journey through time, where classic models still reign supreme, capturing the essence of a bygone era while eliciting admiration from modern-day riders.

For decades, TVS has been a prominent player in the Indian two-wheeler market, consistently delivering motorcycles and scooters that blend innovation with timeless design. Among the plethora of options available in the Bharath TVS showroom in Jayanagar, certain models hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, transcending generations with their enduring charm.

One such timeless masterpiece is the TVS Apache series, a lineup that has redefined performance biking in India. From the Apache RTR 160 to the Apache RR 310, these machines exude a blend of raw power, agility, and precision engineering. With their distinctive design language and cutting-edge technology, Apache motorcycles continue to turn heads on the streets of Bangalore, embodying the spirit of performance that TVS is renowned for.

Another jewel in TVS’s crown is the Jupiter, a scooter that has become synonymous with comfort, reliability, and style. Boasting a refined engine, advanced features, and ergonomic design, the Jupiter remains a top choice for urban commuters in Bangalore. Its timeless appeal lies in its ability to effortlessly blend practicality with elegance, making it a perennial favourite among riders of all ages.

Beyond these iconic models, TVS has also left an indelible mark on the Indian biking landscape with its range of commuter motorcycles, including the Star City Plus and the Sport. These bikes embody TVS’s commitment to providing affordable yet stylish transportation solutions for the masses, offering unmatched value for money without compromising on quality or performance.

As one navigates through the Bharath TVS showroom in Jayanagar, the rich tapestry of classic models serves as a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy and unwavering dedication to excellence. Each bike tells a story, reflecting the passion and ingenuity of TVS’s engineers and designers who have strived to push the boundaries of innovation while staying true to the brand’s heritage.

In the fast-paced world of modern motorcycling, where trends come and go, classic TVS models stand as timeless relics, reminding us of a simpler time when the open road beckoned and the thrill of riding was all that mattered. Whether it’s the exhilarating performance of the Apache series, the comfort of the Jupiter, or the reliability of the Star City Plus, TVS bikes continue to captivate riders in Bangalore and beyond, proving that true craftsmanship knows no bounds.

In conclusion, a visit to the Bharath TVS showroom in Jayanagar is not just about exploring the latest offerings; it’s a journey through the annals of history, where classic models still reign supreme, turning heads and igniting passions with their timeless appeal. So, the next time you find yourself in Bangalore, make sure to pay homage to these legendary machines that have stood the test of time and continue to inspire generations of riders.

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28 Feb, 24

TVS Two Wheelers A Symphony of Performance and Style

In the bustling streets of Bangalore, where every turn presents a new adventure, the need for reliable and stylish two-wheelers is paramount. Enter TVS, a brand synonymous with trust, performance, and style. TVS two-wheelers have become an integral part of the urban landscape, offering a symphony of performance and style to riders across the city.

Performance is at the heart of every TVS two-wheeler. TVS engineers bikes and scooters to deliver unmatched performance, whether navigating through city traffic or embarking on a long journey. Designers have crafted each model, catering to the diverse needs of riders, from the powerful Apache series to the efficient Jupiter. The advanced engine technology ensures optimal fuel efficiency without compromising on power, making TVS two-wheelers the perfect companion for both daily commutes and weekend getaways.

But performance alone is not enough; style plays a crucial role in capturing the imagination of riders. TVS understands this sentiment and has crafted its two-wheelers with meticulous attention to detail. From sleek designs to vibrant colour options, TVS bikes and scooters exude a sense of style that sets them apart from the crowd. Whether you prefer the sporty appeal of the Apache RR or the timeless elegance of the NTORQ, there’s a TVS two-wheeler that resonates with your sense of style.

Finding the perfect TVS two-wheeler in Bangalore is made easy thanks to the extensive network of dealers spread across the city. These authorized dealers not only offer a wide range of models to choose from but also provide expert guidance to help you make an informed decision. The knowledgeable staff at TVS two-wheeler dealerships in Bangalore are committed to ensuring a seamless buying experience, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-time buyer.

Moreover, TVS two-wheeler dealers in Bangalore also offer comprehensive after-sales support, including servicing and maintenance. Regular servicing is essential to keep your two-wheeler in top condition, and the skilled technicians at TVS service centres use genuine parts and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest standards of quality. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets TVS apart as a brand that prioritizes the long-term well-being of its customers.

In addition to emphasizing performance, style, and service, TVS actively commits to innovation and sustainability. The brand continuously strives to incorporate cutting-edge technology into its two-wheelers, whether it’s the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity or the development of eco-friendly engines. As Bangalore embraces a more sustainable future, TVS is at the forefront, offering electric and hybrid options that align with the city’s green initiatives.

Furthermore, TVS actively engages in community initiatives and outreach programs in Bangalore. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the community it serves, the brand conducts road safety campaigns and organizes skill development workshops. By fostering a sense of responsibility and awareness among riders, TVS aims to create a safer and more inclusive riding culture in Bangalore.

In conclusion, TVS two-wheelers epitomize the perfect blend of performance and style, making them the preferred choice for riders in Bangalore. With a wide range of models to choose from, expert guidance from authorized dealers, and comprehensive after-sales support, Bharat TVS ensures a rewarding riding experience for every customer. As Bangalore continues to evolve, Bharat TVS remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, reaffirming its position as a trusted partner for riders across the city.

For all your TVS two-wheeler needs in Bangalore, visit Bharart TVS store today and embark on a journey of performance and style like never before.

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11 Jan, 24

Biking with a Star: The Allure of TVS Star City Plus

In the dynamic world of two-wheelers, the TVS Star City Plus stands out as a true star, capturing the hearts of riders with its unique blend of style, performance, and fuel efficiency. As enthusiasts and commuters alike embrace the thrill of biking, let’s explore the allure of the TVS Star City Plus.

Stylish Design that Turns Heads:

One of the first things that grab your attention about the TVS Star City Plus is its stylish design. The bike boasts a sleek and contemporary look, with a combination of sharp lines and smooth curves that give it a distinct personality. The aerodynamic design not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to improved fuel efficiency, making it a head-turner on the streets.

Performance that Excites:

Under the hood, or rather, under the fairing,  Powered by an efficient 110cc engine, this bike delivers a perfect balance of power and mileage. Whether you’re navigating through city traffic or cruising on open roads, the Star City Plus ensures a smooth and responsive ride, making every journey a delightful experience.

Comfortable Ergonomics for Long Rides:

Biking is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about enjoying the journey. The TVS Star City Plus understands this sentiment and offers comfortable ergonomics for riders. The well-padded seat ensures a relaxed riding posture, making it suitable for short and long commutes. The bike’s thoughtful design considers the rider’s comfort, providing an enjoyable biking experience.

Feature-Packed Instrument Cluster:

The TVS Star City Plus keeps up with the times despite its advanced technology. The bike boasts a multipurpose speedometer that shows all the pertinent data quickly. A modern touch to the whole bicycling experience is provided by the digital console, which displays information on trip metres, service reminders, speed, and fuel levels.

Fuel Efficiency for Economic Riding:

One of the key factors that make the TVS Star City Plus a star in its category is its impressive fuel efficiency. With rising fuel prices and an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly practices, this bike offers a perfect solution for riders who seek an economical and sustainable mode of transportation. The fuel-efficient engine ensures that you can cover more miles with fewer stops at the fuel station.

Trusted Brand Legacy:

TVS has been a trusted name in the two-wheeler industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The Star City Plus is a testament to the brand’s legacy, combining years of expertise with contemporary design and technology. Choosing a TVS bike means aligning with a brand that understands and caters to the evolving needs of riders. TVS Star City plus on-road price in Bangalore is also one more reason that makes it truly a star vehicle. 

In conclusion, the TVS Star City Plus is not just a bike; it’s an embodiment of the modern rider’s aspirations. With its stylish design, impressive performance, rider-friendly features and TVS Star City Plus on road price, this two-wheeler has earned its place among the stars of the biking world. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an adventure seeker,  promises a biking experience that is truly out of this world. So, gear up, hit the road, and let the allure of the Star City Plus take you on a memorable journey.


07 Dec, 23

The Importance of Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

Two-wheelers, whether motorcycles or scooters offer an exhilarating way to navigate through the world. They provide a sense of freedom and convenience, making them a popular choice for commuting and leisure rides. However, to ensure that your two-wheeler continues to offer a safe and enjoyable experience, regular and thorough maintenance is of paramount importance. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of periodic vehicle maintenance for two-wheelers in greater detail.

Safety First

Safety should always be the top priority when it comes to two-wheelers. The compact design and high manoeuvrability of these vehicles make them more vulnerable to accidents and injuries, so it’s essential to keep them in top condition. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential safety issues. Here are a few key safety components that should be inspected and maintained:

  • Brakes: The brakes are your lifeline when it comes to stopping the two-wheeler. Regular brake inspections, adjustments, and replacements (when necessary) ensure that you can rely on them when you need to stop quickly.
  • Tires: Tires provide the only contact between your two-wheeler and the road. Proper tire maintenance, including checking tire pressure, tread wear, and overall condition, is vital for maintaining stability and control.
  • Lights: Functional headlights, taillights, and turn signals are essential for visibility and signalling your intentions to other road users. Regularly inspect and replace any burned-out bulbs.
  • Suspension: The suspension system plays a crucial role in providing a smooth and stable ride. Regular maintenance ensures that it functions as intended, helping you avoid accidents caused by a bumpy and unpredictable ride.

Enhanced Performance

Periodic maintenance isn’t just about safety – it also directly impacts your two-wheeler’s performance. Proper maintenance ensures your vehicle operates at its optimal level, delivering a more enjoyable and efficient ride.

Prolonged Lifespan

A well-maintained two-wheeler will serve you for many years, providing value for your investment. Neglecting maintenance can lead to premature wear and tear, which may necessitate costly repairs or even a new vehicle purchase. Here’s how regular maintenance extends your two-wheeler’s lifespan:

Oil Changes: Regular oil changes keep the engine lubricated and clean, preventing friction, overheating, and wear on engine components. This extends the life of your engine.

Air Filter Maintenance: A clean air filter ensures a constant supply of clean air to the engine, preventing dust and debris from causing damage and increasing engine longevity.

Lubrication: Proper lubrication of moving parts reduces friction and prevents unnecessary wear and tear. It also reduces the risk of component failures.

Preventing Rust and Corrosion: Regular cleaning and inspection of the two-wheeler’s exterior help prevent rust and corrosion, which can significantly affect the lifespan of various components.

Cost Savings

Some might argue that maintenance is an expense, but in the long run, it’s a cost-effective approach to owning and operating a two-wheeler. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs and replacements that could have been prevented with timely upkeep. For bike service in bangalore must visit BharathTVS.

In conclusion, periodic vehicle maintenance for two-wheelers is not just a good practice; it’s a necessity. Safety, performance, extended lifespan, cost savings, and better resale value are all compelling reasons to prioritize regular maintenance for your motorcycle or scooter. By investing a little time and money into maintaining your two-wheeler, you can enjoy a safer,

06 Nov, 23

Bharath TVS Two Wheeler Dealers in Bangalore for Every Budget

Regarding finding the perfect two-wheeler for your daily commute in Bangalore, Bharath TVS has you covered. With a wide range of two-wheelers catering to every sector, Bharath TVS offers an array of choices that suit the diverse needs of Bangaloreans. We’ll walk you through the Bharath TVS Two Wheeler dealers in Bangalore in this blog, making sure you locate the perfect vehicle within your price range.

Bharath TVS – Jayanagar:

If you reside in South Bangalore, Bharath TVS in Jayanagar should be your destination. This dealership is known for not only its wide selection of TVS two-wheelers but also its top-notch after-sales service. The knowledgeable staff here are always ready to help you make the right choice within your budget.

TVS Two Wheelers for Every Budget:

Now that you know where to find the Bharath TVS dealership in Bangalore, let’s explore TVS two-wheeler models for different budgets:

Budget-Friendly Options (Rs 45,000 to Rs 80,000*):

TVS Scooty Zest: The Scooty Zest is a lightweight and stylish scooter designed for urban commuters. It features a peppy engine and comfortable ergonomics, making it an ideal choice for young riders.

TVS Star City: The Star City is a reliable and fuel-efficient commuter motorcycle, known for its balanced performance and comfortable ride, making it a practical option for daily city commuting.

TVS Jupiter: The TVS Jupiter is a family-oriented scooter offering a spacious seat, superior ride quality, and a range of features, appealing to a wide audience seeking comfort and versatility in urban and suburban areas.

TVS Radeon: For a no-frills commuter motorcycle with a comfortable seat and fuel-efficient engine, the TVS Radeon offers great value for money.

TVS Sport: The TVS Sport is an affordable and fuel-efficient commuter motorcycle with a sporty design, catering to budget-conscious riders seeking a reliable and economical mode of transportation.

TVS XL 100: The TVS XL 100 is a robust and simple moped designed for carrying small loads and passengers. It is a popular choice for various transportation needs, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.

Mid-Range Options (Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,20,000*):

TVS Ntorq: The TVS Ntorq is a popular and stylish scooter known for its sporty design and vibrant colour options. It boasts a powerful and efficient engine, offering a thrilling riding experience. Additionally, it features a digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity, making it a tech-savvy choice for urban commuters.

TVS Raider: The TVS Raider is a versatile and commuter-friendly scooter that combines performance with practicality. It is powered by an efficient engine, offering a smooth and comfortable ride for daily commuting. With a sleek and modern design, the Raider is a reliable choice for urban riders.

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V: If you’re an enthusiast who loves a bit of adrenaline, the Apache RTR 160 4V offers an excellent mix of performance and style without breaking the bank.

Premium Options (Above Rs 1,20,000*):

TVS Apache RR 310: The Apache RR 310 is TVS’s flagship model, designed for those who crave sporty performance and top-notch features. It offers an impressive riding experience with advanced technology.

TVS iQube Electric: For those willing to invest a bit more for an eco-friendly option, the TVS iQube Electric is an excellent choice. It’s an electric scooter with modern features and a stylish design.


Whether you’re a budget-conscious student, a working professional, or someone who’s passionate about performance bikes, TVS has a model that suits your preferences and budget. Visit the Bharat TVS dealership in Bangalore and take your first step towards a more convenient and enjoyable commute in this vibrant city.


13 Oct, 23

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Key to Greener Living

The TVS iQube Electric Scooter stands out as a beacon of environmentally friendly transportation in a society that is becoming more and more concerned with environmental sustainability. The iQube is a step towards greener living as we accept the urgency of lowering carbon emissions and maintaining our planet’s resources. It’s more than just a form of transportation.

The Rise of Electric Mobility:

For reasons that are legitimate, electric mobility is quickly gaining ground all around the world. Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to revolutionise the way we commute as fossil fuel stocks are diminishing and air pollution problems are growing. The TVS iQube Electric Scooter, which provides a green and effective substitute for conventional gasoline-powered scooters, is at the vanguard of this revolution.

Zero Emissions, Zero Guilt:

The TVS iQube’s zero-emission status is one of its most alluring features. The iQube is a scooter that runs on electricity and has no tailpipe emissions, unlike traditional scooters that release dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere. This translates into healthier environments for all of us and cleaner air for our cities. Using an iQube is a statement of environmental responsibility as well as convenience.

Silent Power:

In addition to its advantages for the environment, the TVS iQube provides a peaceful and quiet riding atmosphere. Internal combustion engines are naturally noisier than electric motors. You won’t hear any engine noise when you board the iQube, helping to lessen noise pollution in our urban settings. A modest adjustment could have a significant effect on the standard of living in our communities.

Savings That Count:

Electric vehicles are not only better for the environment, but they are also cost-effective for you. Compared to the price of petrol, the cost of using electricity to charge an iQube is considerably lower. Electric vehicles also cost less to operate and maintain over time, saving the user money in the long run. Additionally, many jurisdictions offer tax breaks and subsidies to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Smart and Connected Riding:

The TVS iQube is a smart electric scooter, not simply an ordinary electric scooter. It offers smart and connected riding. It includes capabilities like smartphone connectivity, GPS navigation, and remote diagnostics because it is outfitted with cutting-edge technology. You can easily identify your scooter, keep an eye on its condition, and even get over-the-air performance updates. A contemporary and convenient riding experience is ensured by this degree of connectedness.

Range and Charging Convenience:

Concerned that you’ll run out of juice throughout your regular commute? The iQube will take care of you. It is a good choice for urban commuting needs because it has a competitive range on a single charge. Additionally, it has a handy portable charger that enables you to recharge your scooter’s battery at home or at work. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the petrol station.

TVS iQube: Stylish and Sustainable:

Beyond its eco-friendliness, the TVS iQube has a sleek, contemporary style that will catch people’s attention on the road. It epitomises the notion that environmentally friendly transportation can be both fashionable and practical because of its modern design. For people who care about the environment, it’s more than just a scooter; it’s a fashion statement.

The way we think about mobility has changed dramatically as a result of the TVS iQube Electric Scooter. Riders may lessen their carbon footprint and help create a cleaner, healthier environment thanks to this symbol of environmentally friendly living. The iQube is not simply a scooter; with its cutting-edge technology, fashionable design, and economical operation, it is a catalyst for change. The TVS iQube pave the way for a better and more sustainable future as we manage the difficulties of a changing climate, one ride at a time.

15 Sep, 23

Explore Bharath TVS Showroom in Bangalore for TVS Bikes

If you’re looking for TVS Showroom in Bangalore and two-wheeler enthusiast like me then your quest for that dream TVS two-wheeler should undoubtedly start at the Bharath TVS showroom. TVS Motor Company is a renowned Indian motorcycle manufacturer celebrated for its innovative and high-performance two-wheelers. In this blog, I’ll take you on a virtual tour of the Bharath TVS showroom in Bangalore, where we can explore a vast array of TVS bikes, each catering to diverse riding preferences and needs.

Location and Ambiance:

As soon as I step into the Bharath TVS showroom, I can’t help but admire its strategic location in a prominent area of Bangalore. It’s incredibly accessible, which is great for fellow motorcycle enthusiasts like me. The showroom’s well-lit and spacious layout immediately caught my eye, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for browsing. The tasteful TVS branding and décor reflect the company’s commitment to quality and style.

Product Range:

One of the standout features of the Bharath TVS showroom is its extensive range of TVS two-wheelers. Whether I’m a seasoned rider or a newbie looking for my first ride, I’m confident that I’ll find something that suits my needs right here.

  • TVS Apache Series: The Apache series, known for its sporty and aggressive design, includes models like the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V and Apache RR 310. These bikes offer excellent performance, advanced technology, and a thrilling riding experience.
  • TVS Ntorq Series: For fans of scooters with a sporty edge like me, the TVS Ntorq series is a standout. These scooters combine performance with modern features and an attractive design.
  • TVS Star City+ and Sport: Designed to emphasise fuel efficiency and affordability, these bikes are perfect for budget-conscious riders like me who don’t want to compromise on quality.
  • TVS Jupiter: The TVS Jupiter is a well-known scooter that I’ve heard great things about. It’s noted for its dependability and performance, making it a popular choice among city commuters.
  • TVS Moped: Mopeds are often equipped with fuel-efficient motors, making them ideal for daily travel. These two-wheelers are simple to operate and maintain, making them an excellent choice for new riders like me or those on a tight budget.
  • TVS iQube: The iQube is an electric scooter that combines cutting-edge technology with environmental responsibility. It provides an environmentally beneficial and silent riding experience, contributing to a cleaner environment. The iQube is intended for urban transportation, with a sleek and modern design and powerful networking features that allow riders like me to stay connected while on the move.

Customer Service and Support:

The Bharath TVS showroom in Bangalore takes customer service seriously, which is always a plus. The staff is knowledgeable and well-trained, ready to assist me in choosing the right TVS vehicle based on my requirements. They can provide detailed information about each model, its features, and technical specifications. This expert guidance makes my decision-making process much smoother.

Additionally, the showroom offers a seamless buying experience. I can test-ride the two-wheeler to get a feel for it before making a decision. Financing options are available for those who require assistance purchasing their dream vehicle, and the showroom can guide me through the process.

After-Sales Service:

Once I’ve purchased my TVS two-wheeler, my relationship with Bharath TVS doesn’t end there. They have a dedicated service centre equipped with skilled technicians and genuine TVS spare parts to ensure my vehicle receives the best care. Regular maintenance, repairs, and servicing can all be conveniently done at the same location, saving me time and effort.

Accessories and Gear:

The Bharath TVS showroom is TVS dealers in Bangalore  stocks a wide range of accessories and riding gear. Whether I need a new helmet, riding gloves, or any other gear to enhance my riding experience and safety, can find it here. They offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and budgets.

In conclusion, if you’re in Bangalore and in the market for a TVS bike, the Bharath TVS showroom is your one-stop destination. With its extensive range of TVS motorcycles, excellent customer service, after-sales support, and a wide selection of accessories and gear, it offers a comprehensive solution for all your biking needs. Visit the showroom, explore the models, take a test ride, and experience firsthand what makes TVS one of India’s most beloved motorcycle brands. You can find the ride of your dreams waiting for you at Bharath TVS in Bangalore.

21 Aug, 23

Born to Roar: The Legacy of Apache Motorcycles

One of the most reputable and beloved brands in the motorcycle industry is Apache. Thanks to its lengthy history and well-earned reputation for pushing the frontiers of innovation, providing excellent performance, and exuding style, Apache Motorcycles has made a lasting impression on the motorcycle industry over time. Come along on a journey as we explore the fascinating history that Apache Motorcycles has laboriously developed over the years. We’re going to accompany them on their fascinating adventure through time, so get ready to be intrigued and inspired.

The Origins: A Passion Ignited

The seeds of Apache Motorcycles were first sown in a little workshop hidden away in the recesses of a passionate inventor’s mind. Apache was created in the middle of the 20th century by a brilliant engineer by the name of William ‘Bill’ Anderson, who was inspired by his audacious goal to revolutionise the motorbike industry and his steadfast love of all things mechanical. Anderson paved the way for the brand’s future successes with each wrench he turned and each idea he lit. His unwavering dedication to quality and never-ending quest for invention would subsequently serve as the cornerstone of Apache’s successful future.

Revolutionizing Design: Where Art Meets Engineering

In the world of motorbikes, Apache distinguished itself by skillfully fusing cutting-edge engineering with classic design appeal in its original models. Every motorbike produced by Apache was a work of art, combining elegant lines with powerful engines to produce a thrilling performance. This distinctive blending of form and function became the distinguishing feature of Apache motorcycles, capturing the hearts of both riders and aficionados. With each ride, the symphony of grace and force came to life, creating a lasting impression on the motorcycle community.

Performance Redefined: Dominance on the Road and Track

As Apache Motorcycles gained popularity, their motorcycles quickly made their mark on the expansive highways and the exhilarating race tracks. The company’s unwavering commitment to improving performance soon led to a streak of triumphs in renowned motorcycle racing competitions. Riders were catapulted into a new era of speed and expertise because of Apache’s unrelenting quest for quality, thanks to brilliant innovations like complex suspension configurations and expertly constructed motors. The roadways were transformed into triumphant avenues, raising the Apache legacy to new heights via the union of talent and ingenuity.

Cultivating a Community: The Apache Enthusiasts

Beyond the metal and gears, Apache fostered a close-knit group of riders and aficionados. Their motorcycles became more than just means of transportation, becoming into emblems of unity and common principles. The energetic crowds during Apache rallies evolved into yearly celebrations of liberty and the excitement of the open road. The “Apache Enthusiasts” formed a bond that resembled a close family, united by a shared love for the brand and the thrill of riding, generating a sense of belonging and adventure that went far beyond the pavement.

Innovation as a Legacy: Embracing the Future

As years passed, Apache Motorcycles steadfastly continued to push the limits of innovation. The company maintained its position at the forefront of technical advancement by introducing innovations like computerised riding upgrades, environmentally friendly engines, and cutting-edge networking possibilities. This dedication to evolution, while upholding its core principles, made sure that Apache’s legacy endured despite the environment’s constant change. The company’s capacity for growth and adaptation was evidence of its continuing influence on the motorcycling industry.

Preserving Tradition: Handcrafted Excellence

Despite the advancing tide of technology, Apache persisted in its dedication to quality workmanship. The business kept up the tradition of hand-assembling many of its models, staying true to the exquisite artistry that distinguished its beginnings. Apache has maintained the core of authenticity as a throwback to its early years when attention to detail was crucial. A new generation of riders who valued the peaceful coexistence of the ancient and the newfound great resonance in this distinctive fusion of heritage and modernity. The Apache motorcycles’ commitment to preserving the essence of the past has allowed them to stand the test of time as both enduring icons of tradition and innovation.

A Timeless Roar: The Apache Legacy Lives On

Looking back on Apache Motorcycles’ past, we can see a legacy that has endured despite changing fashions and eras. From its modest origins in that tiny garage to its emergence as a global force, Apache has travelled a path marked by passion, innovation and a strong bond with riders.

Apache bikes that carry the legacy on:

  1. apache rtr 200
  2. apache rtr 180
  3. apache rtr 160
  4. apache rtr 160 4v
  5. apache rr 310
  6. apache rr 310 bike

The boom of an Apache engine can still be heard on roads and racetracks, serving as a constant reminder of the brand’s influence over the motorcycle industry. As new riders climb on their Apache motorcycles, they carry on a tradition that honours the rush of the ride and the pursuit of excellence.

In the end, Apache Motorcycles is more than simply a company; it is a symbol of the influence that creativity and the opportunity to follow one’s goals can have on the globe. The history of Apache is a poignant reminder that sometimes all it takes to forge on into the uncharted is a vision, passion, and bravery.

03 Aug, 23

TVS Jupiter 110 The Perfect Blend for your Daily Ride

It is essential to have a dependable and effective two-wheeler for daily travel. One of the most well-liked scooters in its class, the TVS Jupiter 110, is known for its performance, good looks, and reasonable price. In this blog, we will examine the top five factors that make the TVS Jupiter 110 an appealing option for riders looking for comfort, convenience, and value for money for their daily commute.

Why TVS Jupiter 110  ?

  1. Powerful Performance: The 109.7cc engine on the TVS Jupiter 110 produces an amazing 7.47 horsepower, which is rather potent. This vivacious engine guarantees quick acceleration and enables you to easily maneuver through city traffic. With a top speed of about 80 km/h, the scooter is perfect for daily commuting requirements. The sophisticated CVT-i technology offers a smooth riding experience, improving overall performance.
  2. Best-in-Class Mileage: For regular commutes, fuel efficiency is a crucial issue to take into account. This is where the TVS Jupiter 110 excels, with best-in-class mileage. The scooter has remarkable fuel efficiency thanks to its Ecothrust Fuel Injection (ET-Fi) technology, which optimizes fuel combustion. The TVS Jupiter 110 is incredibly efficient and can easily achieve a mileage of roughly 5o km/l, ensuring that you save money on gasoline while maximizing your trip time.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: The TVS Jupiter 110 was made with the comfort of the rider in mind. It has a roomy, plush seat that provides exceptional comfort, especially on lengthy journeys. Greater ride quality is provided by the scooter’s telescopic front suspension and a 3-step adjustable shock absorber, which lessen the effect of bumpy roads. Additionally, the scooter includes an exterior fuel filler cap that makes refilling simple and doesn’t require opening the seat. It is easy to transport necessities like groceries or a bag thanks to the roomy 17-liter under-seat storage area and additional storage hooks.
  4. Impressive Features: A variety of outstanding features that improve the entire riding experience are included with the TVS Jupiter . The scooter has an LED headlamp, which guarantees great visibility and improves safety, particularly when riding at night. It has a TVS patent econometer that has two modes- Eco and Power mode.
  5. Stylish Design and Build Quality: The elegant design and exceptional build quality of the  make it stand out. The scooter has a sleek and appealing appearance thanks to its body graphics, black alloy wheels, and chrome highlights. It comes in a variety of brilliant color choices, so you can pick the one that most expresses your individuality. The scooter is a dependable friend for your daily trips thanks to its solid construction, which guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

The TVS Jupiter 110 provides an excellent combination of power, mileage, comfort, amenities, and style for daily commuting. It is a popular pick for daily riders thanks to its potent performance, best-in-class mileage, rider-friendly features, and appealing look. to offer a comfortable, practical, and fun riding experience whether you’re traveling through congested city streets or doing longer rides. TVS strives to provide you with “Zyada ka Fayda” with every ride.