Become The Unstoppable

The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V has consistently pushed the limits of performance and technology, always outdoing itself in the race against time. With the first-in-segment Ride Modes and SmartXonnect, the 2021 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V pushes the envelope like never before. Race in any condition with nothing holding you back. It’s time to become the Unstoppable.


The first-in-class 3 ride modes give the racer, power to adapt to any race condition with a press of the dedicated ride mode switch. Each mode uniquely primes the machine’s engine and ABS response for optimal performance.

Unleash the race machine to its fullest potential. The engine is primed to deliver sharp acceleration right from the first twist of the throttle, while the ABS is optimized to give the racer total control

Dominate the concrete jungle with confidence, enabled by linear acceleration and deceleration. The mode delivers controlled movement and is designed to deliver ultimate riding comfort at low and mid speed operation. The ABS is optimized for a quick response.

Power your way through any storm with a sharp and quick ABS response that instils confidence even in the most slippery and unforgiving conditions..

Optimise your race performance with the gear indicator to give you the precise information you need on track.

Take your racing performance to the next level with the now standard 3-step adjustable brake and clutch levers that feature CAM adjusters to keep you comfortable. The levers can be easily adjusted without any additional tool.

The all-new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is powered by BS-VI Race Tuned Fuel Injection (RT-Fi) technology. It’s the enhanced performance that racers love about the Apache RTR, in a bold, futuristic, and powerful new avatar.


The new LED headlamp is designed to be an intimidating statement of both aggression and functionality. With LED DRLs engraved with the TVS logo, it delivers maximum luminosity while staring down the competition with its intense gaze. The headlamp features both high and low beams to cater to various visibility conditions.

Aerodynamically modelled street-fighter inspired muscular design & Engineered to achieve lesser downforce for uncompromised handling at any speeds. The all-new aggressively style tank cowl sports new graphics that gives racers an unmatched presence.

3-2-1-GO… RACE ON: TVS Apache RTR 200 4V welcomes you with the alpha-numeric message on race-inspired Speedo-cum-Tacho that sets you in a mood to race with race diagnostic features like Lap timer, 0-60 timer, Top speed recorder, etc.

The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V now comes with aggressively styled aerodynamic claw mirrors. Perfect for looking back at the competition as you pass them by.


Specially designed Roto-petal disc brakes (Front and Rear) for aggressive stopping power and faster dissipation of heat. The Single Channel Super-Moto ABS Unit makes the machine notches up in safety with enhanced braking control. Developed and tested on the track, the system provides the ultimate braking control while allowing sharp feedback. The precise system to keep your braking and cornering, razor-sharp.

Control has never been this exhilarating, the Apache RTR 160 4V now comes equipped with technology to slice up the track. The Single-Channel Super-Moto ABS Unit has been developed and tested on the track. The system provides the ultimate braking control while allowing sharp feedback, the precise system to keep your braking and cornering, razor-sharp.

The bike now comes with a special Wave Bite Key to prevent theft. The motorcycle and the key are carved such that a duplicate key cannot be used to start the ignition, ensuring that your race machine responds only to you.


Matte Black

Knight black

Matte BLue

Racing Red