TVS Apache RR 310

Apache RR 310 front look

Crafted to Attack,

Crafted to Adapt.

Apache RR 310

Crafted to Impose

The TVS Apache RR310 stays ahead in the race to the finish line– not just on the track, but in the race to the future as well. The race machine is equipped with a SmartXonnect enabled Multi Information Race

Honed by rigorous testing and unlimited laps on the race track with key inputs and feedback by the TVS Racing Team to ensure ultimate control on the track and street. Racing heritage based expertise established since 1982, come standard with every TVS Apache RR310.

Inspired by the deadliest predator – the Shark. The Apache RR310 is conceptualized to have an aggressive and ready-to-attack silhouette which is aided by a raked-high tail and ‘Mass- Forward and Minimalist- Tail’ design. The Apache RR310, most powerful Apache till now, is based on the Akula Concept which won the ‘Best Concept Bike of Auto Expo 2016’ at New Delhi.

With aggressive brow lines, the first in its class Bi-LED Twin Projector headlamps offer higher intensity at day or night enabling you to ride with confidence at higher speeds.

Snake Fangs inspired LED tail lights complete the high sporty rake tail by giving the Apache RR310 a unique visual signature in its class.

Apache RR 310
Apache RR 310

Crafted For Power

A flick of the wrist now delivers precise performance on the track than ever before. The 2020 Apache RR310 is equipped with state-of-the-art Electronic throttle control (ETC) consisting of electronic throttle grip, electronic throttle body (ETB) and electronic control unit (ECU).

The new race muffler with revised geometry has been engineered for higher lean angles, and will always sound like music to your ears. The muffler chamber has been optimised to deliver a high fidelity, racier sound that will echo across track and terrain alike.

The Dual-channel ABS is the perfect synthesis of performance and functionality. The ABS prevents wheel lock, and rear wheel liftoff protection keeps the racer’s wheels on the ground, even when braking late into corners.

The all new RT slipper clutch allows for rapid downshifts that prevent rear wheel hopping, allowing for later braking and more precise cornering. The assist function tightly binds the clutch plates during acceleration, to provide enhanced torque carrying capacity with reduced clutch operating force.

The race-derived 310cc powerplant makes upstream air being used effectively to pass through the air filter with ram effect. This innovative and unique design provides a compact engine layout resulting in mass centralization delivering best-in-class Power-to-Weight ratio.

Crafted By the wind

Extensive designing and testing in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel has yielded the best-in-class coefficient of drag to achieve maximum downforce, minimum wind blast and higher top speed.

Reverse inclined engine makes upstream air being used effectively to pass through the air filter with ram effect, thereby giving a compact engine layout and optimum engine temperature at all conditions.

Patented Deflector Cowl along with gill vents channel hot air away from the engine giving higher ride comfort for the racer at any time on the track.

The cylinder head is designed and crafted to have best-in-class heat management by reducing the engine temperature by 40

Crafted For Agility

The TVS Apache RR310 is equipped with all-new Michelin Road 5 tyres.
engineered with next-gen compounds and featuring Michelin’s patented
ACT+ technology, these tyres provide superior grip for cornering and
offer a premium ride feel.

Light weight trellis frame offers higher stiffness with best structural efficiency for total control, excellent dynamic response at higher speeds and ease of manoeuvrability to cut through city traffic.

Honed and tuned by the experts from KYB. The Monoshock with monotube floating piston technology has hydraulic stopper with check valves providing precise damping and smooth dynamic response to achieve best-in-class lateral acceleration and cornering speeds.

The vehicle engine layout fits compactly on the frame providing a low
centre of gravity for uncompromised handling and unmatched control.

The rider triangle is optimized for better load distribution on the shoulder to give excellent steering control and good low-back comfort. The seat profile is sculpted for ease of sliding around to achieve precise racing line while hitting the apex.

Titanium Black

Racing Red