17 Apr, 24

From Showroom to Streets: TVS Apache RR 310 On-Road Price Journey In Bangalore

The TVS Apache RR 310 has been a standout performer in the Indian sports bike segment, blending power, performance, and style seamlessly. For Bangalore’s motorcycle enthusiasts, navigating through the journey from showroom allure to the real-world streets involves understanding the on-road price dynamics. Let’s delve into the on-road price journey of the TVS Apache RR 310 in Bangalore, exploring its evolution from showroom fascination to concrete roads.

Showroom Fascination:

Stepping into the showroom at Bharath TVS, the excitement surrounding the TVS Apache RR 310 is palpable. Its aerodynamic design, powerful engine, and advanced features captivate enthusiasts. Amidst the gleaming displays and enthusiastic sales personnel, the initial price tag sparks anticipation and desire.

Price Breakdown:

The TVS Apache RR 310’s on-road price in Bangalore comprises various components, including ex-showroom price, road tax, insurance, registration fees, and handling charges. Understanding each element empowers buyers to make informed decisions.


  • Ex-showroom Price:This forms the base cost of the bike and varies slightly across dealerships. Bharath TVS offers competitive pricing, ensuring value for money.
  • Road Tax: Karnataka levies road tax based on the bike’s engine capacity and age. The TVS Apache RR 310 falls under the higher tax bracket due to its powerful 312cc engine.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive insurance coverage is essential for safeguarding the bike against unforeseen events. Bharath TVS provides comprehensive insurance options tailored to customer needs.
  • Registration Fees: Registering the bike with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) incurs nominal fees, which vary based on the vehicle’s price and age.
  • Handling Charges: These fees cover the administrative and logistical expenses associated with vehicle procurement and delivery.


Financial Considerations:

While the TVS Apache RR 310 offers unparalleled performance, prospective buyers must factor in financial considerations beyond the initial purchase. Monthly EMI options, warranty coverage, and maintenance expenses play pivotal roles in the overall ownership experience. Bharath TVS offers flexible financing solutions and service packages, ensuring affordability and peace of mind for customers.



Transitioning from showroom fantasies to real-world roads, the TVS Apache RR 310 delivers an exhilarating riding experience. Its sporty ergonomics, responsive throttle, and agile handling make every journey a thrilling adventure. Navigating Bangalore’s bustling streets becomes a breeze with the bike’s superior performance and manoeuvrability.


Ongoing Support:

Beyond the showroom floor, Bharath TVS remains a steadfast partner in the rider’s journey. Regular service intervals, genuine spare parts availability, and expert technical assistance ensure that  Apache RR 310 maintains peak performance throughout its lifespan. With a dedicated service network and customer-centric approach, Bharath TVS fosters enduring relationships with riders, transcending mere transactions.


The TVS Apache RR 310’s on-road price journey in Bangalore epitomizes the transition from showroom allure to real-world excitement. Bharath TVS serves as a trusted companion throughout this journey, offering competitive pricing, financial solutions, and unparalleled support. As enthusiasts hit the streets astride the TVS Apache RR 310, they embark on a thrilling adventure fueled by passion, performance, and unwavering reliability.

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